Courageously You Challenge

Courageously You Challenge

Hands up who would like to create the most confident and beautiful self? ✋🏻

Did you raise your hand? Well it all starts NOW!

One of the things I constantly get asked is how I got to where I am today, how did I become successful, confident and courageous? So, I’m going to open up my world to you and give you the tools and daily activities designed to help YOU be your most confident, successful and beautiful self.

I’m going to help you get clear on who you are, what gets you out of bed each day and what you stand for. Set clear goals, live each day to the fullest and embrace your confidence and help you step up. . So, who’s ready? I’ll be posting at 9pm each night a task for you to complete, and if you want to, share on those posts. .

Welcome to my Courageously You challenge. . . . . .

Courageously You Challenge

My Courageously You challenge is about discovery, discipline and EELLLL OOOOH VEEEE EEEE LOVE!

I am going to challenge you and you HAVE to be prepared to commit to each challenge, each and every night. I know some days you'll find an excuse not to do it, hey, it's in our DNA not to move away from our normal daily routines.

There is a reason you came back here tonight, it's not a coincidence. So let's take the first step in your new life path, your dreams, your aspirations and the life you deserve.

The challenges I set for you each night may only take you minutes to complete, others may take longer, but I guarantee that by taking the time to complete them will launch you closer to the life you want most.

It all starts with Day 1, tomorrow (Monday) night, at 9.00pm. I'm not that mean that I would make you work on a Sunday LOL. . . . . . . .



When you know what holds value to you, decisions are easy. In fact, when you know what your purpose is, everything else becomes clear and life starts falling into place. How many times do you second guess choices or procrastinate over decisions? Take ownership of your choices without guilt. If you don't want to attend a function or weekend away with the girls, just say no and own that decision.

It's time to clear on what you want not just this year but for the rest of your life! So, find a quiet area in the house, hopefully the kids are in bed and hubby's watching TV.

I want you to spend the next few minutes answering these questions;

1. What would I do today, if I didn't have to work another day?

2. When was the last time my heart was full and sang?

3. If today was my last day, tomorrow people would say this about me.........

4. Each day ask yourself, If it doesn't hold value for me, is it really for me?

Write these questions and your answers down on a piece of paper and place it somewhere in the house where you can see it each day as your daily reminder.


Please feel free to share your answers here, to help encourage, support and empower others. . . . . .




Are you waking up the right way?

A fun question I like to ask my guest when they come on the show is “What’s the first thing you do when you wake up” The answers vary from check instagram, grab a cuppa, check emails or do a wee” LOL.

How you start those first 15 minutes will determine how the rest of your day will evolve. Did you know that the first few minutes of “Awake Time” sets our brains into its mode for the day. So let’s think about the answers above, if you’re checking in to Facebook, Instagram, twitter and you're emails, you are flooding your brain with millions of messages. Instead of having scrambled eggs for breakfast, you’re having scrambled brains instead!

If you set your mind right from the moment you woke up, imagine how much more calmer, more clear and how much more at ease your day would be. It is simple to set your mind right from the moment you wake up and the challenge tomorrow is to try this exercise and make it part of your daily regime.

So, here is your action plan:

1. When you wake, before you even get out of bed, sit upright in bed and take a moment to just breathe.

2. Take 3 deep breathes, exhaling long and deep.

3. Take a moment to think about 1 thing that you are grateful for the new day. Don’t over complicate it, it could be as easy as “I am grateful for today because I am alive, fit and healthy” or “It’s Sunday, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to have me time and get a massage”.

4. Lastly, drink a big glass of water, the bigger the better. There! You have started the day with calm, ease and a clear mind. You are now ready and open to all the possibilities the day has to bring.

PS - If you love to meditate, why not throw in a short session if you can, I mean come on, what’s the worst that could happen…. You end up more happier and a lot more calm?

Tomorrow I talk to you about the power of Goal Mapping and how to add it into your routine and fast-track you to achieve your goals.

Get those pens and paper ready, I’m putting you to work!


I’m just going to check in quickly with you all to see how your are going so far with the challenge? Have we answered the questions from day 1? YES? Great!

We often get so busy with work, school lunches/activities, catching up with family/friends, paying bills, running the household…. That we forget about THE most important thing…. YOU!

It’s time to put YOU first. Your passions, your dreams and your goals because if you’re not filling your cup, then what are you doing? So tonights Courageously You Challenge is for you to put pen back to paper and map out what your goals are for the rest of the year.

GOAL MAPPING Hello, my name is Tam Wrigley and I have always been a high achiever. I have always been goal oriented as I am sure most you have too. Writing your goals down give it more meaning and gives it more power to become a reality. I am going to introduce you to Goal Mapping, a tool that is designed to spark your subconscious brain into action. This action, when done correctly is a powerful tool to make your dreams a reality.

Here is the Goal Mapping template you need to fill out. Print this out and fill in your goals starting with ONE MAIN GOAL, that when achieved will assist you to achieve all your other goals.

Ensure your goals are written on present tense and in a positive light. This process may take a while so dedicate some time tonight to really think about your goals.

Tomorrow..... we draw!



Weather you think it or not, we all have goals and sometimes, we break our goals and deviate from our path, but wouldn’t you love to be able to your goals and have them come true?

If you completed yesterday’s challenge you would have learnt that to really cement your goals in your mind, you need to not only write them down, but draw them too.

I am hearing a few of you right about now saying “but I can’t draw” well the great news is, you don’t need to. Stick figures, symbols or whatever works for you is fine, just as long you know the meaning behind what your drawing.

Yesterday’s challenge was all about left-brain interaction; today is all about igniting your right brain. When we were young we use our left and right brain equally, once we enter school and the work force our left side of our brain becomes more dominant, it’s our logical, analytical, and objective side. For those creative or artistic people (right brainers) this can suppress your more dominate side.

Our goals not only have to be etched into our left side of the brain, they also need to be cemented into our right brain to truly come alive. Today, I want to activate your dormant right side and get it ready to soak up all the goals you are going to tell it to achieve.

Believe it or not, we all think in pictures, as well as words. It’s now time to raid your kids pencil cases and pull out their textas, pencils or whatever else takes your fancy and draw your goals.

Grab a blank piece of paper, relax and give it a go!

Feel free to jump onto the iStlye TV FB page to share your goals and drawings to inspire and motivate others.

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Have you got a Personal Style?

Today is day 5 of the Courageously You Challenge and what we have achieved so far is learning what makes our heart sing, what values we have, Goal Mapping and starting your day the right way.

Tonight’s challenge is to set your awareness back to the present and to take a look at yourself. This challenge is about what you can do to get your groove back or, taking it to the next level and loving yourself 100%.

So, the question is; What is your personal style?
Personal branding isn’t just for the rich and famous or people who run their own Fortune 500 businesses, it’s what your make up is. What you look like, your values, your home, your mannerisms, clothes, traits, habits, your voice, dislikes and likes. All of this is what forms your personal brand.

So, take a look around your home, office, wardrobe and cupboards and simply write down the words that describe what you see.
For example when I look around my home I see candles, flowers, space, clean lines, family, openness, french provincial..... These are all the things in my daily environment and simply, it’s just me!

Comment below with the words you’ve come up with.

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Do you want to know how to turn your goals into reality?

Over the past 5 days I’ve been giving you tasks to complete that should be setting your path to making your goals a reality. If you haven’t joined the challenge yet, it’s never too late, have a look back through my previous posts and do a little catch up.

For those who have been following and participating in the Courageously You Challenge, we are reflecting over what you should be doing to activate and make those goals a reality and bring them to life.

By now you would have done your goal maps, I really hope you have them pinned to your office wall, on the back of the loo door or on your fridge and NOT under a pile of other papers on your desk. If it’s the latter, get them out and stick them on the wall in clear view of your daily routine.

Part of Goal Mapping and turning your goals into reality is making them apart of your daily routine. You HAVE to look at your goals EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Did you know that 90% of our subconscious drives our thoughts and actions? So what we are wanting to do in this exercise is to “trick” our subconscious into believing that you are already achieving your goals. By doing this, it has no other choice but to do things that make your goals come true.


Each and every day, I want you to look at your Goal Map sheet and do the following:

1. Look at your Goal Map and take 3 deep breaths in and out.
2. Clear your mind
3. Go through your Goals and say each one out load
4. Actually FEEL what it would be like to achieve these goals. The more heart and soul, the better
5. Do one thing that will bring you closer to you Goal. It may be as simple as a phone call, but do one thing each day that will bring you closer to your goals.

Now go gettem!


Have you been participating in my Courageously You Challenge? If you have, it’s now been 7 days since we started, can you believe it!

Seeing that it’s a Sunday, and because I’m not that mean that I would make you work hard on a Sunday, today’s challenge is a simple one. It’s all about being kind to yourself.

My suggestion would be to pop down to the local Sunday markets, have a stroll, breath in the fresh air, absorb the sunshine and vitamin D and grab yourself something special. It could be something as simple as a bunch of flowers. Can’t find a market on today? That’s ok, pop down to your local supermarket or servo and purchase a beautiful happy bunch of flowers.

Take a snap and post it on my Facebook page and your own social media accounts with the hashtag #treatyourself .



I was kind enough to give you the day off yesterday and let you have a little you time and to allow that time for you to be kind to yourself. Now it’s time to get back into our week, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty!

Today we are de-cluttering. That’s right, it’s out with the old and in with the new. If you have seen the Marie Kondo series on TV, you would know her philosophy of if it doesn’t bring you joy then toss it out. The same principals apply here. It’s time to start shredding the clutter that messes up our space. I often say to my staff, messy desk, messy mind. Same goes with your home life. By clearing the clutter it gives room to new hope, new ideas and fresh beginnings.

So, lets start with something small, like your make-up. Now, I want you to empty your entire draw and contents onto a piece of newspaper (we don’t wont our broken eye shadow and bronzer flaking onto the bathroom floor.

I want you to sort through the broke items and toss them out! YES that’s right, throw them out without a second look.

I have my make up sort into categories and this is what I would like you to do next. Sort all your eye shadows, blushes, foundations, pencils and so on and so on into categories.

Now, take a category, one at a time and decide what your should part with. Are you still hanging on to your blue eye shadow from the 80’s? Are you still holding onto that sticky, very melted lipstick because it was or is your favourite colour? THROW IT OUT! If you haven’t used it in the past 6 months, THORW IT OUT!

Go through and make sure you only keep the essentials, which would be a collection of day make-up and a collection of night make-up.

Now, lets try something on a grander scale. Lets move to the wardrobe and apply the same principals. It you haven’t worn it in the past 9 months and it doesn’t bring you joy when you hold it, TOSS IT OUT!

Believe me, you will feel lighter and more refreshed.



What ever your dominant thoughts are determine your world and the space you live in. By this I mean, if you think negative thoughts, you get negative results, if you think positive thoughts you get positive results.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t know that difference between good and bad, it’s like a little lost puppy, it follows what our thoughts tell it.

Have a think about what you want to tell your subconscious to do. Like our challenge around Goal Mapping, I like to surround myself with positive people and positive affirmations.

So the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is the write your affirmation on the bathroom mirror (please don’t use permanent marker). We spend A LOT of time in front of the bathroom mirror so your challenge is to find an affirmation that fits and write it on your bathroom mirror.

Do more of makes you happy
What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail
Positive thoughts bring positive results.

I wanna see your affirmations on your mirror so snap a pictures and post it on my Facebook page under this post! Or inspire others and write your affirmation in the comments below.

Tomorrow, we find balance.


Have you found Balance in your life?

To operate at your best you need to have a balanced life. So today on my Courageously You Challenge, it’s all about giving your life a checkup and wheel balance. Ask yourself “is my life really balanced”?

On my FB page I have placed a Wheel of Life template. What I’d like you to do is print it out and look at each area of your life and mark from 1-10 how well you have that part of your life covered. 1 being the lowest, 10 highest. Complete all areas and you should see a nice balanced wheel.

Look at each categories and start with Physical Environment. Using a pen/texts/pencil, decide how satisfied you are with that part of your life and then mark it out of 10. 10 being completely satisfied, 1 being “life sucks”.

Use as much colour as you like - this is your template that we will reflect upon throughout your Courageously You Challenge.

Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on our wheels and see what areas we could improve on. Is there something you could do to make your wheel more balanced?

There may be some mixed emotions around this experience, however, improvements can only start with awareness!

So, looking at your wheel, what’s one thing you can do now to improve one section of your wheel?

Please share your wheel on this post on the iStyle TV FB page.



This is a one of the challenges I really want you to take on and own it. It is all about living “above the line”. What does all this mean? I hear you say. Well, within each of us there lies characters of a High Self and Low Self. .
Our High Self is all our positive qualities such as motivation, inspiration, responsibility, self-belief and confidence. Having these qualities and practicing them each day makes us the best version of ourselves. Alternatively, our Low Self is the negative train of procrastination, apathy, blame, self-doubt and insecurity. It’s very easy to slip into our Low Self on a daily basis, what we want to achieve is living in our High Self more often than not.

So, today’s Courageously You Challenge is to act constantly in your High Self for the next 24 hours. What this means is, we need to watch our language – are we criticising someone/something? Are we getting angry at a driver on the road? Are you having moments of self doubt? Is it all too hard? Are you focusing on the “What ifs? Are you rolling your eyes at someone speaking? ALL these actions are you coming from your Low Self. Let’s shift gears out of Low Self and into High Self. Our dominate response equals our dominate thoughts. Our subconscious obeys whatever our dominant thought tells it to do. The more you exercise your High Self with positive language, self-confidence, self-belief and inspirational thoughts the more positive results will flow. There is a saying: Positive thoughts bread positive results!

Ask yourself this question: Who do you think is the more likeable person – your High Self or Low Self?

I want to hear your situation where you would normally fall into your Low Self, but you took over with your High Self. Post it in the comment section below.



Do you think you can go a whole day without sugar?

Owing or running a business can be a very busy thing and as a result we often forget about the most important person… YOU. We give so much time to everyone and everything else, we forget to give time to ourselves to focus on one important element, our health. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can probably guess that health was low ranking on your Wheel of Life.

We have all heard the truths about sugar from experts stating that sugar it’s evil and poison. There are many chronic metabolic diseases today that can be linked directly to sugar. Everyone is on the Quit Sugar bandwagon and there is probably a good reason for it!

So, today’s Courageously you Challenge, yeap, you guessed it, is to simply cut out sugar for 1 whole day. You are all probably going… “Pphfft that’s such an easy challenge” but it can be harder than it looks. I recently started the Keto Diet and you don’t release just how much sugar we are consuming without even knowing it.

The no sugar for a day challenge means this:
NO sugar in your tea or coffee
NO cakes/biscuits/slices or any yummy treats that have sugar in them
NO chocolate (now that ones gunna hurt!)

WATCH for hidden sugars too, they sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Now don’t get me wrong, natural sugars found in fresh fruit is perfectly acceptable, it ’s the sugars that lurk in the background that will surprise you that you want to avoid. For those resisting, common it’s JUST ONE DAY!

This challenge is to focus on what fuel we are putting into our engines (bodies), you see sugar is a quick fix a bit like rocket fuel, gives you the quick hit of energy but leave you flat and low after it’s burnt out.

Make today your SUGAR FREE DAY.


Is this the day and the challenge that will change your life?

How did we all go yesterday by cutting out sugar from our diets? Yesterdays Courageously You Challenge was more than just cutting sugar, it was to get you hyper-aware of your diet and what you are putting into your body. With fresh eyes, today I want you to look at what fuels your body each day. Ask yourself, is this benefiting by body? Always remember the 80/20 rule. Be good 80% of the time and you can have the 20% to be a little naughty, because let’s face it, sometimes a wine and chocolate is a benefit more for our sense of wellbeing than anything else. LOL

Above is not today’s challenge, no no no!  Today’a challenge is about testing your positive resolve. The challenge is a 13 day mental challenge designed to reinforce your goals and train your brain to think positive. The challenge is simple: think, feel and act positively for 13 consecutive days. If you break even one day, that might be at day 11 or 12, you must start back at day one again. You are allowed no more than 1 minute of negativity in any instance. In that time you must realise you are being negative and change your state of mind back to positive.

OMG, How do I do that I hear you say? Follow the steps that we’ve covered back in your Goal Mapping challenge and choosing to focus on the positives.


To take the challenge all you will need to do to change your stay from negative to positive will be to visualise your goals.

Post here or on my FB pages how your positive mindset is going.

Good Luck