The Wine O'clock Show

The Wine O’clock Show is fast becoming Australia’s “Must go on” talk show.

Hosted by Tam Wrigley, with celebrity guests each week, The Wine O’clock Show has a viewership of over 120,000 each week, which is more than some shows on our national TV channels! 

It's Friday, it's 6 O'clock and it's time to wind down from the week that was and catch up on all the gossip with our favourite Australian Celebrities over a few drinks.  Tam Wrigley, Host of The Wine O'clock Show along with her celebrity friends get comfy on the couch in a carefree environment and chit chat over a few glasses of wine, champers or even a cocktail and discusses the latest news and hot topics from around Australia and the World. 

We also do major interviews and features with local and international celebrities highlighting what they might be up to lately.


Created in 2014 by Entrepreneur & Property Mogul Tam Wrigley, “iStyle TV” is an Australian television show featured around the fashion, style and beauty industry.

Known for it’s freewheeling style, TV Presenter and Host of iStyle TV, Tam Wrigley interviews local, national and international fashion designers, fashion houses, celebrity designers and stylists giving you up to the minute news and insight into the fashion industry.

Tam and celebrity guests have an intimate one on one chat as they share their achievements, struggles, challenges, knowledge and advise about building their fashion empire.

The program also offers tips and “How to” advise on beauty, fashion, diet, relationships and lifestyle.


5 women, spanning 5 decades sit down and chat about real world issues and the topics that matter most to them.

It gets real and it gets raw as 5 intergenerational women sit down and chat about Life, Love, Careers, Success, Agism & Sex!

Conversations with Women is a 3 part mini series that touches on real emotions from real women from all age groups.


iInspire is a great show where celebrities sit down and chat one on one about life, love, drive and ambition.

Celebrities sit in an intimate one on one chat with host Tam Wrigley and talk about their journey, where they have come from to where they are now, their struggles, their highs and their lows in the hope that they will inspire, empower and touch other peoples lives.