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About Face For Women

About Face For Women


Hands up who, at the end of a night out, would rather just crash into bed than spend 10 minutes, cleaning off your make up? You wake in the morning to a pillow of foundation and two black half moons from where your mascara has transferred.  Well, I have got just the thing for you!

I have stumbled across a product that is chemical-free, environmentally friendly and will remove your make up in one easy step.

Co-Founders Rebecca Williamson and Lizzy Pike met in the 80s in Sydney during a heavy lip liner and eyeliner craze. After they both married actors, had kids, moved around the world, and settled in Los Angeles just a few minutes from one other, they became closer friends. With seven young children between them, including a set of twins each, they bonded over their Aussie roots, lack of sleep, and busy lives.

In a watershed moment a decade later, late one evening, following a few good wines on Bec’s couch in LA, she revealed to Lizzy that she rarely took her makeup off before bed. Lizzy was shocked – and it started the conversation that ultimately led to Face Halo’s creation.

Lizzy’s 15-year background in microfibers steered the conversation toward a solution - a makeup remover that ticked all the boxes: safe, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient. For the next year, they tested different variations of microfibers and spent hours on end discussing size, shape, look, and feel. After settling on a soft, plush, and pretty round pad with silky satin edges, they were ecstatic at how quickly and effectively it removed their makeup. They knew they had their final product - Face Halo was born.

Leading the way in modern makeup removal, Face Halo is a plush, reusable pad that eliminates the need for chemicals, and other potential skin irritants. Combining the natural cleansing power of water, with microfiber technology, each pad is reusable for up to 200 wash cycles adding sustainability, and cost effectiveness to its unmatched efficacy.

Boasting ultra-fine microfiber technology that is 100 times finer than a strand of human hair and engineered specifically to lift and trap makeup and impurities from the skin into the fiber network, while simultaneously providing a gentle and invigorating exfoliation.

Leading Australian beauty vlogger, Chloe Morello is the face and global ambassador of the brand, with her involvement a natural affiliation. After testing the FACE HALO, she transformed from ‘skeptical’, to FACE HALO ‘convert’ in 60 seconds.

“As a beauty vlogger and makeup lover, effective makeup removal is quite high on my priority list. We’re all so time poor so I am all about simplifying my makeup removal and skincare regimen. I couldn’t be more excited to be working on a brand and product that works hard for every woman”, Morello said.

Since its inception in 2017, FACE HALO has garnered a cult-like and celebrity following, including Naomi Watts, InStyle US and Refinery 29 who are all fans of the brand. FACE HALO also took out the New You Beauty Award for Best Newbie, ELLE Australia Green Award forMake Up Remover Pads and was a finalist for the Refinery 29 Beauty Awards, Marie Claire Korea 2018 Smart Beauty Award.

Face Halo is suitable for all skin types and requires no solvent other than water, leaving skin clean and completely makeup free.

Face Halo is quicker, better, safer. Use - Wash - Reuse. Simple!

Myer and Priceline stores are where you can get your FACE HALO products.


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