Beards  are hip baby!

Beards  are hip baby!

Beards are hip baby!

Whether you have a long one, short one, one that curls at the end or just a bit of stubble, Captain Jack has got you covered, and I’m not talking about Pirates of the Caribbean OR the other thing that has probably popped into your mind right about now!

Fathers Day, for some it’s a time where we slump over and huff at the thought of what to get for our fathers for the big day, 9 times out of 10 we resort to the good old sock and undies or DVD’s.

I have the perfect Fathers Day gift, which also ties in greatly with all those men who are about to embark on Movember.  While women get shoe envy or wardrobe envy, this year men will get beard envy with Captain Jack Beard Co.

Growing a beard can be a real art form and is also the cause of a lot of ribbing from your mates when you can’t quiet get it going. It’s the new hipster trend sweeping the country and men are spending more time sculpting and pruning their facial hair than they do channel surfer or watching sport!

Just between you and me, you know your clean shaven friends are either insanely jealous of your awesomeness or insanely jealous they can't grow a beard as good as you... Whatever way you go, you'll be creating the ultimate in beard envy.

Captain Jack Beard Co is a men’s grooming brand based right here in Queensland and they’ve been helping guys to create the ultimate beards right across Australia.  Their oils have been purposely created using only the best ingredients, full of essential fatty acids and minerals, perfect for healthy hair and skin. Each bottle contains 5 essential carrier oils (sweet almond, grapeseed, coconut, avocado and jojoba), each one specifically chosen for the unique properties and benefits, plus added vitamin E for that extra boost. Women around the country will be rejoicing as we say goodbye to dry, itchy beards and skin and hello soft and luscious ones!

Dare I even suggest it, but if and when you decide to shave off your pride and joy, the oil doubles as facial oil which will continue to soften the skin and hair, making shaving easier.

If you are a man that is down with the manscaping and evolving into the 21st Century, you can also team up with their new release VS Sasson for Men products who has the solution to keep dad’s effortlessly styled. Everything a busy man needs to keep his face looking neat can be gifted in one convenient gift pack –The Man Kit, containing the ultimate grooming system perfect for shaving, trimming, and detailing any desired look.

For those hipster dads whose beards need a little maintenance, try the beard shaper grooming kit.  You’ll be able to achieve precise trimming and detailing, giving you a fresh-from-the-barber looking beard with absolute ease.

Fathers Day is coming early to our Fashion & Beauty readers.  I always love to give back and I have some beard envy Captain Jack gift packs & VS for Men packs to giveaway.  Head to the iStyle TV instagram to find out how you can win a perfect gift for the bearded dad in your life just in time for Fathers Day.

Gift packs are now online

For more information on VS for Men, visit

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