When you hear the words “The Colour Purple”, you think of the 1986 movie of an African-American woman living in the South who survives incredible abuse and bigotry. Well, 2018 is going to change all that!

It’s been more than 10 years since we have seen purple hit the Pantone Colour of the year, but in 2018 in is making a HUGE comeback.

I have been told on many occasions that 2018 is going to be my year, they year that things align for me, and a year of success. Not only am I going to Shine in 2018, I get to do it wearing my favourite colour. The stars are aligning for me in 2018 and it starts with Pantone announcing that the 2018 colour of the year is the dramatically provocative -Ultra Violet.

Purple is also often associated with Royalty, magic, mystery and piety.

If you are mystical, into astrology and wonder about the obscurities of the universe then you are going to love Ultra Violet and the meaning that goes along with it as historically, there has been a mystical or spiritual quality attached to it.

The color often helps us practice mindfulness and offers a higher ground for those seeking soleus in an over-stimulated world. Purple-toned are usually used as lighting in meditation spaces and other gathering places to energies communities who gather to inspire and connect.

As personal expressions of individuality, some of the worlds BIGGEST musical acts such as David Bowie, with his purple hair and purple suits, Jimi Hendrix with his Purple Haze album and who could forget Prince, everything about the man was purple from his suits, hats, shoes, guitar’s to songs and Album covers (Purple Rain), everything was purple. These iconic music legends brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture.

Ultra Violet is full of emotion and depth, when wearing it be experimental and show non-conformity. I encourage you to be individuals and stamp your unique mark on the world, push boundaries through your creative outlets and let Ultra Violet shine in 2018.

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