Hipster Haven on the Sunshine Coast

Hipster Haven on the Sunshine Coast

Hipster Haven on the Sunshine Coast

While Melbourne is Australia's vintage shopping heaven, the Sunshine Coast does give the city a good run for its money.

With the rise and rise of Hipster trends sweeping the Nation, one that is taking the coast by storm is that of Vintage Fashion.  A predominate Sydney businessman recently doubled Nambour as the new hipster capital of Australia and rightfully so with vintage shops scattered all around town.

I set off on foot to track down the best vintage stores in the Hinterland and quickly realised that because vintage shopping is such a big thing, Nambour has created a Vintage Trail you can follow.  There are 22 in fact ranging from the curio and collectable stores, op shops and retro fashion scene down to café’s and even a craft brewery business, I trawling thought vintage shops and second-hand stores on the weekend and let me just say, it was time well-spent.

In Howards St, Nambour you will find one the best vintage stores, located in the old Ambulance building.  Mr Beesley’s Vintage Clothing is the real deal; it is a hipster and rockabillies heaven that you never knew existed.  All you 1950’s fashion lovers, you know who you are, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice.  It is the perfect place to discover original items and treasures from times past.

Then there is two passion fruit filled cherry bombs dominating the world of waste one rad item of clothing at a time.  Shop owners Ayumi and FAT DOG opened SPIN DOG NAMBOUR, which is located under the aptly named “The Time Machine”. Cheap threads ranging from the 50’s though to the 90’s, unisex vintage garments, custom painted denim, leather, clothing alterations and various hand made items made by SPIN DOG and local creators!  On occasion, you can even find vintage designer garments from luxury brands.

Just a short drive down the road to Yandina Markets you will find an old caravan called Forever Bee.  It is full of vintage and pre loved fashion for the ladies and dapper men.

For those of us that don’t want to do the trail, or don’t like to shop in store, you may be one of those online shoppers that love hanging at home, in your sloppy jo’s with a cup of coffe and the dog nestled beside you,  I’ve  got you covered too.

Isn’t She Lovely is an online vintage store right here on Sunshine Coast. Using instagram, Isn’t She Lovely posts a mixture of vintage fashion and to their feed. All that’s left for you to do is write, “SOLD” on the photos, which tickle your fancy. A word of warning though, you’re up against some tough competition, so don’t take too long to stake your claim.

In a world where everything that was once old is now new again, I encourage you to slip on your comfy shoes and head towards the hinterland for some vintage shopping, stop off at a café for some lunch or even drop into the brewery for a cold one, it’s a great day out with your friends and you never know what treasures you will find.

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