Is Fashions on the Field outshining the racing action?

Is Fashions on the Field outshining the racing action?

The New Sport That Is Becoming Bigger Than Australian Horse Racing.

Whether you’re a fan or not of the races, most Australians love a good horse race, heck we shut down an entire nation for 1 day just so we can witness our 4 legged friends race around a track to take out the Melbourne Cup Trophy.  But there is a new sport that is taking the nation by storm and in some cases, out shining the horse race event itself! It’s called Fashions on the Field, and in some states, it’s GAME ON!

It is fierce, it is competitive and it is glamorous.  Fashions on the Field has now become one of the most lucrative competitions on race days, besides the actual horse races itself, with some lucky winners walking away with thousands of dollars in prizes.

There are Men and Woman across the Nation who will get into their race wear best and hit the tracks each and every Saturday, and they are NOT messing around. Their outfits are carefully collated and synchronized right down to the pocket square for men and nail polish for the women.

I say it’s a sport because these men and women travel the country to compete in this event hoping to walk away winners and wear the illustrious  “Best Dressed Female/Male” sash.

From top and toe, their outfits are carefully crafted and designed with impact and wow factor in mind. Their outfits are handpicked, and in some cases hand made and tailored, to match their designer headpiece, shoes, handbags and accessories.  Some events are even themed, like this years Brisbane Race circuit, it was all about vintage, so contestants dressed to the occasion.

They spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on perfecting their look so they can grace the stage and walk the runway in front of a judging panel.  These judges look for flow, structure, grooming and deportment.  They will look at how well a person holds themselves in stance, has the contestant met with the seasons trends and colours and have they complied with Winter or Spring Carnival attire…. Trust me, there is a huge difference.

I have been lucky enough to Emcee and Host the iStyle TV Fashions on the Field for the past 4 years at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club, and each year the competition grows and grows.  This year at Caloundra Cup, there was over $13,000 in prize monies across 4 categories and we had contestants from all over the country from Melbourne to Darwin competing to take out the title of “Best Dressed”.

Fashions on the Field has become SO big that Australians are leaving this great southern land to compete internationally at events like Royal Ascot, Epsom Derby and even the worlds BIGGEST race event, the Dubai World Cup.

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