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Jules Med Res[1]A tom-boy gal growing up in Adelaide, Jules had no idea where she’d land what she’d be doing – in the arms of Guy, streets of Sydney and with enviable style.

Tam from iStyle TV sat down with Jules and discovered her ‘lane’ from surf life saver to outfit reviver.

Reminiscing on her childhood in Adelaide which she describes as ‘’normal’’ and growing up in a ‘’good family’’, Jules pauses for a quick cough as she embraces the classic winter cold. Jules managed to cope with the dreaded flu but found it hard to breath while talking, between the copious amounts of her infectious laughter and the odd quick sniffle.

Tam and Jules go back and forth with a natural flow to make one think it was old friends catching up and laughing about old times, particularly finding amusement in Jules’ childhood antics.

Growing up, Jules says she didn’t have a huge sense of direction in the careers department, chopping and changing from jobs to occupy herself which included a stint as a lifeguard.

Jules 2014 - 09 copy[1]Perhaps, lucky enough for those on Adelaide beaches, Jules left the red and yellow cap on the sand years before she followed Guy to Sydney after winning Australian Idol, admitting she was a terrible swimmer and had no idea how she’d ever be able to save someone in the water.

Although she may not be a life saver as such, she has certainly paved the way for herself as a life changer as a stylist and now TV presenter.

So, how does an Adelaide workman pants-wearing girl end up in the limelight of the Australian fashion industry?

Jules enrolled into a design and business course as a way to occupy herself when she first made the move to Sydney while working an office job on the side. It was here where Jules’ career in the industry took off. She was taken under the wing of a notorious stylist which Jules says she really learnt the tricks of the trade has now lead her to branch off as an independent stylist working mostly with musicians.  Yes, this did include Guy, but not till years on when shooting for his new album. From there, Jules has been noticed for her flare and talent as a stylist, mum and wife.

As an on-screen stylist, Jules worked on Channel Seven’s ‘’Bring Sexy Back’’ just three weeks after giving birth to her second child, noting the efforts to balance a work and family life.

IMG_6961Since, Jules has embarked on her own program ‘’Tea with Jules’’ in which she says came naturally as a catch-up with friends. It’s clear when Tam speaks with Jules she’s passionate about the project as she lights-up and laughs explaining the concept which has included an on-air ‘’tiff’’ with Guy.

There’s something with Jules that separates her from the crowd.

 Sure, she may not have a typical life but it’s her philosophy on life which makes her shine. She comments on ‘’sticking to your own lane’’ and credits this as her motto when facing speed-bumps in the road to happiness and success.

It’s also her fashion faux-pas, secrets to happiness, self-proclaimed annoying habits, top styling tips and her favourite fashion staples that makes Jules, Jules. Lovely Jules, mum Jules, wife Jules and stylist Jules.



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