Katherine Kelly Lang has graced our screen for over 28 years as Brooke Logan, the sexy blonde bombshell, the one that all the men lust after on CBS’s daytime Emmy award winning TV series the Bold and the Beautiful.  So, do you ever wonder what Katherine gets up to when she’s not on set?……..Well I recently sat down with the Queen of Day time TV to ask her that very question.

Kelly, as she likes to be called by her friends and family, which I can proudly say I am now one of, has always been interested in Fashion.  From a very young age she was introduced into the industry has her mother owned beautiful vintage clothing stores all over the USA.  Kelly has vivid memories of playing dress-ups in beautiful velvet vintage dresses and going with her mum to source new items for the store, surrounded by the fashion industry both on and off set, it’s no wonder that Katherine Kelly Lang’s Kaftans was born.

Colourful, lightweight, soft and silky are the one way to describe these Kaftans, they represent everything that Kelly loves, so where does she get her inspiration for her collections? Katherine has collaborated with Aussie Fashion Designer Toni Moon who together, design and created the Kaftan Range.

“I met Toni through her daughter who I am friends with and we both loved the idea of designer gorgeous colourful kaftans”, Kelly said.

Growing up, her mum was very much a hippy so Kelly has always loved that bohemian,  free flowing style.  The kaftans have been designed so that they can be dressed up with a belt and a great pair of heels or dressed down with some flats and your favourite denim shorts or jeans.

With over 36 million people a day watching Bold and the Beautiful it’s no wonder that the Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftans are a huge success and the fact that they are designer originals, there are only a few kaftans made in each design and once they are sold they wont be created again.

And what’s next for Katherine Kelly Lang?, Her love for acting will always see her on the our screens as Brooke Logan, however, her fashion line will only be getting bigger and with the launch of Kelly’s Klosetrecently in Italy and soon to be Australia, you will see her empire expanding into everyday wear for the modern women.


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