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IMG_8901Pink Hope’s fourth annual Bright Pink Lipstick Day launched on Thursday morning to an intimate group of ambassadors, publishers, corporate supporters and philanthropists. Most importantly, to recognise and acknowledge the families that face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Hosted by Pink Hope’s founder Krystal Barter, ambassador Ash Hart, and first lady Margie Abbott – guests were treated to a rare glimpse of Kirribilli House with a special brunch held at the Prime Minister’s residence.

Sylvia Jeffreys, Natarsha Belling, Tracey Spicer, Peta Jane Madam, Shelly Horton, Casey Burgess, Laura Csortan, Tam Wrigley and Zoe Marshall were among the invitees showing their support along with the inspiring women of Pink Hope who are campaigning to raise awareness for #BrightPinkLipstickDay on Friday 25 September.

Margie acknowledged all the remarkable families who have beat cancer and applauded their courage, “Pink Hope is giving hope and strength to thousands of families around Australia. We need to share these stories with our daughters and our sons. This knowledge is power, power to act and possibly to save lives.”

On a personal note, Margie spoke of discovering only 18 months ago her own history of breast cancer thanks to taking on board Pink Hope’s key messages of communicating with loved ones, “Having this knowledge now means that I can have the conversation with my daughters and future generations are better aware of our family medical history.”

IMG_8900Krystal stated in a heart-felt speech, “We are increasingly finding those in our community being diagnosed with ovarian cancer at an early age have inherited the BRCA gene from their fathers, and for too long men haven’t thought to talk to their families about their family health history.”

Bridget Whelan (41), who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, reinforced that message, “Men need to talk to their loved ones and investigate the women in their family.” Sadly Bridget’s BRCA cancer ran on her father’s side of the family and at a time when men didn’t talk to their sisters, mothers and daughters about their cancer risks.

Since Angelina Jollie’s double mastectomy announcement that brought tremendous awareness to the gene, the current health care system has been inundated and genetic councilor waiting times are much longer than they used to be – however thanks to Pink Hope, all this information can be obtained at a click of a button to a qualified genetic councilor to meet the demand of the public.

Pink Hope aims to raise over $250,000 and invest the funding into its critical prevention programs and support services which help families assess, understand and manage their risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Ambassador and supermodel Jess Hart, designed an exclusive Pink Hope Lipstick for her LUMA cosmetics range sold for $19.95 – *100% of proceeds will be donated directly to the charity at

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