Pre and Race Day Prep

Pre and Race Day Prep

Pre Race Day Prep

It’s time to giddy up for Spring Racing Season! Get ready to shed those layers and show some skin! I have put together some Spring Racing Beauty Essentials, whether your skin needs some serious detoxing or your hair is in want of some volume or shine, this is guaranteed to get you race day ready.

It takes a village to get us fashionista’s ready for a day at the races and while we always hear about what to wear I thought I would share with you just a few of my “Pre Race Prep” and “On the Day” must do's.

The races, for most women it's a time to let their creative fashion juices run wild, to think outside the square and let their imagination flourish. It's that feeling you get when you find the perfect race day outfit just to realise you have perfect shoes to match. You do the little happy dance with a smile from ear to ear. You have the perfect outfit, designer headpiece, shoes and accessories but have you thought about your pre Race day preparations?   I can hear you all saying "what!, there's pre prepping to do".

I always, if not the night before, then the morning of a big event will do a facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, toner then eye cream and moisturiser. Wow! It's seems a lot to do, but honestly it only takes me 20mins.

I will exfoliate and cleanse in the shower while shaving my legs and washing my hair. Then, the mask for 10min before finishing with a toner and moisturiser.  It's a good idea to hydrate the skin to pave the way for your makeup and to make sure your makeup looks flawless. FYI – It’s a crime not to prime!

I mentioned before about washing my hair in the shower. Depending on what style you are going for will depend on whether you wash your hair the day of the event or not at all. If you’re going for an up-style, then hairdressers tend to like playing with slightly dirty hair. So washing it the morning of the event might not be such a great idea. I like the Hollywood curls, so for me washing is definitely an option and using a great volumiser works wonders.

One item I am really digging at the moment is Lux Aestiva Face Roller which is great for smoothing and calming the your skin. If there is one accessory must have, it's this.

And when all said and done and your ready to make your entrance, there is once accessory that money can't buy. Walk in with confidence and a killer smile.


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