We all know too well the pitfalls that we as customers experience when shopping in the beauty section of a department store. Whether it was dissatisfaction with the quality of expensive brands, harsh chemical formulations or wanting to support the local market, we are often left with limited options and a lack of knowledge in distinguishing between quality products.

One product in particular is the one we put on our lips.  Think about how often during the day you lick your lips, now think about the lipsticks you are putting on them and what ingredients they have.  Every lick, there is some element of product going into your body and into your system.   This prompted my to go on the hunt for a brand that is 100% transparent with its customers, providing a quality lipstick using an all-natural formulation all whilst being manufactured locally in Australia.  That is a lot to ask from a brand and I found myself saying – Challenge Accepted!

With checklist in hand I set off on a hunt for the perfect lipstick.  Enter brother-sister duo, Stefan Vrankovic and Julianne Prochilo the brains and beauty behind VonBlü

Not only are they conscious of producing lipsticks that are free from any nasty chemicals but also they are aware of the mess created by beauty industry within the environment, so they have ensured that all their lipsticks are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Inspired by the lack of options and disregard for the environment and harsh chemicals within the beauty industry, they wanted to name their brand after their fight for quality, natural and transparent cosmetics in the industry.

When looking for a name for their business, they looked to history, which lead them to Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher’s, best known for his defeat of Emperor Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

VonBlü has 16 shades of Vitamin E enriched, semi-matte lipsticksto choose fromin dusky pinks, nudes, reds and deep burgundies, eachcolour’s name has derived from the Swedish language to pay homage to the great leader. They glide on smoothly, don’t dry out, and come packaged in a smart triangular prism. Plus, their lipsticks feature a "pop" lid – so, no accidentally painting the inside of your bag, you gotta love that!​

You can buy VonBlü online at



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