SachaTam Wrigley, host of iStyle TV recent sat down with the very talented Sacha Drake as she opens up about the fashion industry and how she became one of Australia’s leading fashion designers even thought she was kicked out of Fashion School.  Interested? Then keep reading.

Sacha Drake knew at the age of 14 that she wanted to be fashion designers but getting there was definitely a climb. As a child, and with her pencils in hand, Sachas’s mother noticed instantly that her daughter had talent as all her drawings were clothes and or dress related.

From there Sacha was introduced to pattern making and instantly the lights went on and the fire grew in the heart of what would eventually become an amazing designers.

With her obvious talent in hand, the next step after leaving high school would be to enroll at university and graduate in Fashion Design…. Or so you would think!

Knowing what Sacha knew and was taught to her from the age of 14, she found it very difficult to curve her knowledge and talent to a more commercialized style of pattern making and sewing that the university was teaching.

“I wanted to do things my way”

With her determine ways and wanting to design the way she was taught, she was failed by the university and kicked out of Fashion School.

The Runaway Skirt_AUG 19v2Sacha at the age of 18 decided to travel and found herself along the way studying film directing and fell into costume design.   Knowing this wasn’t her dream, she join the corporate world but still had a plan in the back of her mind to revisit fashion design down the track. Knowing that fashion was her life’s purpose she decided to make “Made to Measure” outfits for family and friends and even her work colleges on the side.

It wasn’t until Sacha was in her late 20’s that she made the decision to go back to her passion and back to her dream and this is when the label Sacha Drake was born.

After extensive research into what the industry needed and what the customer was seeking, Sacha created a line of party outfits for size 12 to 18 which she felt was missing from the market. Again Sacha found resistance from the fashion industry as her range of party outfits where only attracting fashion houses that wanted her to supply sizes 8-10.

At the age of 30 and feeling somewhat deflated with her life journey thus far, Sacha was given some great encouragement from her boss at the time telling her that she was too talented to stop designing clothes and that she must keep going.

Sacha puts her success down to making the right clothes at the right time which was evident as the boutiques she was supplying her range to kept reordering stock and before she knew it she had $20,000 in her bank account.

“I’m not attracted to the Fashion Industry; I’m attracted to the craft”

One of the lessons that Sacha has learnt about the fashion industry is that you must deliver what the market wants not what the industry tells you is fashionable at the time.

When asked what the philosophy behind the Sacha Drake label is, her face lights up as she says:

“To inspire confidence in women through garments that fit and flatter and are unique in design”

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 3.25.46 pmThe one question Sacha would ask herself when faced with constant challengers during her career in the fashion industry was “are you in it or are you out. if your in it you have to deal with the challenges. If you are not in it then go and work for someone else or do something else with your life”, Sacha said. Embrace the challenges and find the win/win.

When finding inspiration for her designs, Sacha looks to fabric and certain type of printed fabric, something in that print will resonate with her, if she feels an immediate YES then that’s what she will use for her collection.   She will also draw inspiration from her customers and their feedback. Sacha values her customer’s opinions and has a very strong ethos on giving the customers what they want rather than telling them what they should be wearing.

So, What can we see hit the runway the Spring Summer 2015/16 season from Sacha Drake?

Sacha will be staying true to her signature, which is striking yet feminine, and she has delivered on that by designing amazing striking floral garments in different textures with simple cuts all while keeping her look very feminine.

Papaya and Navy are definitely the new blacks this season and Sacha is bring Navy and white back in a great new fresh way.

To celebrate 10 years of involvement in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, Sacha Drake has taken a walk down memory lane with designer Sacha Drake building a retrospective, hand-made dress constructed from runway photographs from the past 10 years.

To watch our episode on Sacha Drake click below:


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