Indigenous word meaning beautiful = Endota

Indigenous word meaning beautiful = Endota

Endota is an indigenous word meaning "beautiful"

Endota is an indigenous word meaning “beautiful” an that’s exactly how you feel when not only entering an endota Spa but also how you feel when you leave one.

The endota Spa journey began 15 years ago when very few people knew what a spa was, and fewer still recognised the importance of devoting their time to enhancing their wellbeing.

When Melanie Gleeson, endota CEO & Founder was working at a day spa in Melbourne in her early 20s, she saw the benefits of visiting a spa first hand. People would arrive stressed, with their shoulders raised. Then about an hour later, after their treatment, they would leave an entirely different person. You could see the physical and emotional change, that was so powerful.

Being raised by a strong family and community who instilled a sense of inner belief and confidence, Melissa felt she could do anything she put my mind to.

“I never saw my gender as an issue, in fact, I think that the values personified by women are so important in business. We are good listeners, empathetic and approach relationships in an open and honest way”, Melissa said.  

While there really weren’t a lot of female CEOs in the early years of endota spa, Melissa saw this as an advantage.  Not afraid of a challenge, Melissa quickly establishes a culture in the workplace that was nurturing and encouraging and other female led networks embraced it.

With this winning formula and positive mindset, it was from here the thought of providing these feeling to more people grew and grew it did!  A story, which began in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Mornington Peninsula, in now across 90 locations around Australia making endota the biggest day spa in Australia.

The endota spa story began in 2000 when Melissa and a school friend were brave enough to take a risk and follow a dream. Leaving behind the security of full-time jobs and brainstorming in the home kitchen, they developed an idea.

Fuelled by their belief in the power of service to others and inspiring individuals to connect with a still space, where they believe healing begins, the first day spa was opened.

Melissa felt that we all needed a place to go to that offers a haven of escape, reflection and support, a place where we can focus on ourselves and even out the balance in or otherwise hectic lives. endota spas offer the opportunity to enter a space where just for a few moments in time it is all about them. The haven of an endota spa allows you to get back in touch with what you need personally, forgetting for a short while about what everybody else around you needs.

“We want women to be their best and find what their truth is. I believe everyone has a spark inside them that is waiting to be ignited”, says Melissa.

Melissa and her team have developed their first ever mother and baby range, endorta Organics nurture. They’ve formulated the products with the understanding that pregnancy and breastfeeding will change a mother’s requirements during her journey, especially with stress on skin and breasts over an extended period of time.

In addition to this, they’ve created products especially for a baby’s skin requirements, which are gentle enough for new borns. The range is Certified COSMOS Organic by ACO and made using all-natural ingredients, including chamomile, lavender, oat and aloe vera. It gives mothers confidence that their skincare is free from any mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, phenoxyethanol, lanolin, silicones, SLS, SLES, PEG, colourants, artificial fragrances and other harsh chemicals.

At endota, beauty is realised the moment a client steps through the door. They are surrounded by serenity, they are greeted by our Signature scent, they are encouraged to shed their outer layers and their stress. We believe not so much in a physical beauty, but more in a beauty that is felt.

In 2019, endota will continue to offer a haven of escapes for women in spa treatments, but also gain recognition as a reputable force within the anti-ageing product category, with the launch and expansion of their New Age products.

Visit endota’s newest day spa at the Sunshine Coast Plaza, better still, treat mum to the perfect mothers day pamper package.

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