The Wine O’clock Show – The one with Tracy Bevan and Nikki Stacey

The one with Tracy Bevan and Nikki Stacey

This week on The Wine O'Clock Show, Tracy Bevan from McGrath Foundation drops in and is joined by Nikki Stacey from Bobux New Zealand & Australia to talk all about Breast Cancer Awareness month, putting a heart on your Facebook wall, how effective is it?

We also chat about how annoying it is when people don't RSVP. One mum is going to extremes and sending out invoices along with a cranky note to families of no-shows.

Do you think this action is reasonable?

And speaking of invoicing, a grandma has sent a $600 invoice to her daughter after spending the day with her grandchild. The invoice included things like gas money, train tickets, museum tickets. Acceptable or not acceptable, that is the question.

All this and so much more, this week on The Wine O'clock Show.

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